All you to know about Apple new scanning child protection tech

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Apple built new systems to fight child exploitation and abuse, but security advocates worry it could impact our privacy.

On Aug 5 Apple has announced it will going to scan the photo in your Apple device for child abuse, but here the question arises How?

So, in this article, I am going to tell you in simple words how the Apple new effort works and why tech expert is concern about it.

The answer to the first question is Apple going to encode the image from your gallery to a unique bit of code called hash code and further, it will going to match that code into its database (which is pre-define with the help of Machine Learning by using many testing samples). If the matching crosses the certain limits then Apple considers that image as a part of child abuse and send the notice to user and agencies which handle the issue of child abuse.

But, the main concern arises after that, what if it will use for other purposes since the Apple track all the image from your phone it could lead to scan any of your image which is the important one.

Apple is such company that always promise about the user privacy and through the period it has delivered their promises but the new child safety feature seems to be the reason for arising question about the user privacy.

In last I would like to conclude that child safety is important and that is the reason which leads Apple to develop a new system but Apple has also to ensure that its system may not be misuse for another purpose.




A computer science Enthusiasm

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Tech Affairs

A computer science Enthusiasm

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